FuboTV is the latest live TV streaming service to hike prices

By Jared Newman

The folks who insist that cord-cutting is no cheaper than cable just got some more ammunition. Live TV streaming service FuboTV just announced that it’s raising its prices. Starting today, the price will rise from $45 per month to $55 per month for new subscribers (with a $10 discount for the first month). Details on how this will affect current subscribers will be divulged later.

Although FuboTV has branded itself as a sports-centric streaming bundle, the startup–which is backed by some major players like Sky, 21st Century Fox, and AMC–has deals with almost all the major networks. Soon, it will bring Viacom channels such as MTV and Nickelodeon to its lineup as well. The notable omission is Disney, whose ownership of ESPN and ABC leaves Fubo without a chunk of sports programming.

Fubo says more content is coming, but wouldn’t comment specifically on ESPN beyond a statement saying that the company is always talking to content partners; “it’s certainly possible ESPN will be on fuboTV in the future,” the company said.

In the meantime, the startup points to features like personalized recommendations and 4K streaming for select sporting events as evidence of its value. And given that the average cable bill is around $100 per month, there’s still some room to save money.


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