Gmail Sends Sign-In Alerts — By Mistake

Gmail Sends Sign-In Alerts — By Mistake

by , May 21, 2019

Gmail users were sent a security alert on Monday, advising them that an unknown device had checked into their account. 

Gmail Sends Sign-In Alerts -- By Mistake |

But the alerts were sent by mistake, according to Mashable

Google notified users about the gaffe with a message in its Admin Panel, an area apparently limited to G Suite clients, and advised them to change their passwords. It is now investigating the incident, and is eyeing a possible cause, most likely an internal error.  

The exact number of people alerted wasn’t known at deadline.

New sign-in notifications are sent when someone has successfully logged into an account via another device.

Google states in a general information area: “If you suspect yourGmail account may have been hacked, there’s a quick and easy way to get an activity log. Gmail can also be set to send you an alert whenever there’s unusual activity.” Search Marketing Daily