Google Fiber’s Pay tv service Is Struggling To grow

research agency MoffettNathanson has issued a scathing report pronouncing Alphabet is having serious subscriber and boom considerations with the pay television carrier part of its Google Fiber choices, studies Re/code. The document says Fiber had simply fifty three,390 pay tv subscribers at the end of 2015. That’s up from 30,000 on the finish of 2014, however increase is slowing. in the final six months of 2014, Fiber’s pay tv provider grew 136%, however within the last six months of 2015 it most effective grew 78.8%.

It’s vital to notice that those numbers don’t bear in mind Fiber’s broadband numbers, which Alphabet just isn’t required to, and does not, report to the federal government. still, the slowing increase of Fiber’s pay tv carrier isn’t good news for Google. As MoffettNathanson notes, at most effective fifty four,000 consumers, that places the web massive’s pay television provider at only one-seventh the scale of the next smallest cable trade the agency tracks.

“one can’t lend a hand but feel that every one of this has the flavour of a junior science fair,” the document says, adding “As ever, Google’s presence within the press and inside the Beltway (and in traders’ minds) is wildly out of all proportion to its actual dimension.”

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