Google Makes Changes To PLA Broad Product Queries

by @lauriesullivan, July 12, 2016

Google Makes Changes To PLA Broad Product Queries

Google announced several updates to Shopping Campaigns, such as a new look for broad or nonbranded product queries.

About 40% of product queries are for broad terms, per Google. In the past, Google either didn’t show a product listing ad (PLAs) on broad queries or served individual products such as chair or couch.

The change will allow Google to show what it now calls Showcase Shopping Ads. When a consumer searches for “summer dresses,” one large image will appear, and alongside the main image, two smaller side images related to the product search also will serve up.  

The name of the retailer appears on top, but at the bottom of the ad, marketers call add a promotional message or distance to the location for advertisers looking to connect with consumers searching for local inventory. Consumer will click through to a google-hosted landing page of the seller’s products.

Merchants running Shopping Campaigns in the U.S., UK, and Australia will become eligible to have their products automatically appear in Showcase ads in the coming weeks.

For merchants looking to customize how their brand and products appear, Google said it’s testing a premium version that allows merchants to curate the experience. Search Marketing Daily