GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment |

Without a lot of space in my home or office for gym equipment, I needed to find something that could fold and be stored when it wasn’t in use. That’s when I came across the GoPlus line of foldable treadmills. Here’s what I found from using the GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding, 2.25HP Under Desk Electric Treadmill.

The Company Behind the Treadmill

The California company started operating as GoPlus in 2008 but now it is called Costway. They only sell their products on Amazon as one of the online retailer’s top sellers. Their treadmills and other fitness products remain under the GoPlus brand.

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment |

About the Foldable Treadmill

This foldable treadmill is made for home or office use, including walking and jogging. When you fold the riser, it can be used as a walking or jogging machine. Or, when the handrail is raised, you can the treadmill at running speed.

The overall dimensions are 49”x 27”x 42” while the folding dimensions are 52”x 27”x 5.” The running area size is 40?x 16? so there is plenty of room for taller people who have longer walking or running strides. The weight capacity is 265 pounds. The treadmill speed is 1-12km/hour.

There are many ways to adjust the levels for different types of exercise programs. There are three incline positions to choose from. The GoPlus treadmill also offers built-in workout program options. You can select from 12 workout programs designed to challenge you and help meet your fitness goals.  The different workouts also help alleviate any boredom from doing the same walk or jog every day. 

Smart Treadmill Features

For a smaller, lightweight treadmill, the GoPlus still has considerable technology.  The Bluetooth capability provides a way to connect your phone to the treadmill to enjoy music while exercising.

There is a good quality speaker that enhances the overall experience. A phone holder helps to keep it in place in case you want to watch videos or talk to others while exercising.

The remote control helps you control the speed and immediately stop the treadmill. However, there is also a safety clip that does the same should the remote control not be within reach. The safety clip attaches to your shirt so it’s within easy access to do an emergency shut-down, if necessary.

It also has a five-inch, blue-ray LED display with a wealth of data, including the time, distance, speed, and calories.  The screen is clear and easy to read even while running.

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment |

What I Like Most

Many treadmills can be noisy, especially those that have a more powerful motor as well as those that are foldable due to their design. However, the GoPlus treadmill has a quiet 2.25HP motor and a shock reduction system comprised of a steel frame. This makes running quiet and comfortable so as not to disturb those around you at the office or at home. Also, the five-layer, non-slip, running belt provides a lot of space and cushioning that helps save the knees, joints, and ankles.

Beyond the lightweight feel and the foldable design, there are also built-in wheels that make it easy to move this treadmill around. The other good thing about the treadmill is that nothing has to be put together when it arrives. Just take it out of the box, unfold it, and plug it in.

Areas For Improvement

One feature that’s missing on this foldable treadmill is a workout fan.  The weight capacity is on the lighter side compared to other treadmills, somewhat limiting who can use it. Also, the maximum speed output doesn’t make this treadmill a candidate for more intense workouts.

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment |

What’s Included

The treadmill comes with a remote control, phone holder, safety clip, and power cord. It has a one-year warranty along with CE, ROHS, CB, EN957, IEC certifications by SGS, which add to its credibility. 

Color Choices

The treadmill is available in a choice of red, blue, or gray.

Where to Buy

The foldable treadmill costs $ 339.99 and is available for order on Amazon.

Overall Thoughts

I highly recommend this space-saving treadmill to anyone looking to add an exercise tool to their home or office. It’s lightweight, functional, and high-tech with a fair price. Even though it is a smaller treadmill, it is just as durable, offering a smooth and quiet experience. The durable, high-quality foldable treadmill works with all types of fitness training, including endurance training and interval training.

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