Hello Kitty and Pikachu are now the cutest ambassadors in Japan

Raise a glass of limited-edition Hello Kitty sparkling rosé, because the adorable Sanrio character has just been named Ambassador for Osako, Japan, where she might just get to help promote the World Expo 2025. But the “happy little British girl” (who is not a cat, okay?) wouldn’t be taking on those responsibilities alone. According to SoraNews 24, she is joined in her ambassadorial duties by Pikachu, the cuddly little Pokémon character, as well as some actual humans: soccer star Keisuke Honda and Nobel Prize-winning stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka.

Osaka is hoping that the ambassadors will help put Osaka in the front of the pack in its bid to host the World Expo, where it’s competing against Paris; Baku, Azerbaijan; and Yekaterinburg, Russia—none of which have a girl masquerading as a cat as an ambassador.

The host city will be selected in November 2018.


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