Here are the best hurricane-tracking weather apps for when Harvey comes knocking

Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on the Texas coast and people are battening their hatches, looking for flashlight batteries, and stockpiling supplies. If you want to track the hurricane, these apps are your best bet:

    • Hurricane Pro. One of the earliest hurricane-tracking apps created, it’s still one of the best. It’s good meteorologically with satellite images and NOAA reports, has Twitter integration (which can be the best source of real-time intel during a storm), historical storm data, and includes push notifications. $2.99
    • Hurricane Tracker. This app’s sole purpose is to track hurricanes, so it was designed with the job in mind. It offers detailed storm and threat level maps, National Hurricane Center info, real-time updates, and push alerts. $3.99
    • WSVN’s Hurricane Tracker. This app from a local Miami news channel (which knows a thing or two about hurricanes) provides hurricane-tracking intel as well as updated evacuation orders, shelter information, and lists stores and offices that are open or closed. It’s free so can’t hurt to test it out.
    • NOAA Hurricane Center. Get your news straight from the source. This data-filled app offers localized push notifications (“you, in the green Camaro on Lincoln Ave.—run!”) and the best meteorological data around. It’s $1.99 While you’re downloading stuff, grab NOAA Now, which is not hurricane specific, but full of useful information whatever the weather.
    • My Radar. This app integrates NOAA weather data, high-definition Doppler radar, animated radar predictions, and more. It’s simple to use and very accessible. Free.
    • Max Mayfield’s Hurricane Tracker. Max Mayfield may look like an affable khaki-wearing golf player, but he is all that and more. Mayfield is the former director of the National Hurricane Center and has seen things, which makes his app very useful. Lots of information with interactive maps. Free.
    • iHurricane. This hurricane and typhoon monitoring app is available for iOs or Android. It collates date from over 22,000 weather stations around the world to provide tracking intel, satellite images, models and more. $1.99
    • Hurricane Hound. This Android app uses Google Maps to track the storm, includes National Weather Service forecasting information, satellite imagery, public advisories, and points out areas the National Weather Service is watching.
    • Red Cross Hurricane. Fast Company readers suggested this app back in 2012 when a Frankenstorm was bearing down on the East Coast. The app doesn’t have the best meteorological data, but can be a literal lifesaver by keeping communication going even when the power is out and letting people know you are safe or really need help. One word of caution: the reviews for the latest update are not great. Maybe download the app and a back up app and an extra gallon of milk while you’re at it.

If you prefer to peruse the weather on the web, insiders tell us the Space City Weather site is the preferred hurricane tracking site for Texas Gulf Coast residents.

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