How Leaders Can Help Employees Weather Change

— March 14, 2019

The one constant in life is change. People change, relationships change—even companies change. And as your business goes through seasons of transition, it’s important to show some stabilizing leadership for your team members.

The thing about change is, it’s almost always unsettling—even when it’s good change! Maybe your company is welcoming new employees. Maybe you’ve expanded your core products and services. Or maybe some new folks have been promoted into leadership positions. All of this can be good, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s also scary.

The question is, how can you show effective leadership, providing a sense of stability even through shake-ups? I’ve got just a few tips and suggestions for you.

What to Do When the Company is Changing |

What to Do When the Company is Changing

Keep your eye on the prize. Small, short-term changes can sometimes distract from the big picture. Remind yourself and your team members of your primary goals and objectives—and let them know that this big picture hasn’t changed.

Affirm your values. One way to help employees through seasons of tumult is to remind them of the things that remain constant—like your company’s values. Hopefully, you’ve codified those values into a written statement. Reiterate those values with your team and show them how recent changes actually underscore these values.

Be ready to listen. Transformational leaders listen. During times of change, employees may need to vent, to express concern, or to ask questions about where things are headed. Maintain an open-door policy, or at least regular office hours, where your employees can come by for one-on-one connection.

Empower your employees. Another way you can help your team members: Give them the authority and the directive to tackle some changes head-on! Provide them a chance to work on some new projects or to take on some new responsibilities, letting them know that even as the company grows, you want them to grow with it.

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