How to help California wildfire victims: 6 things you can do that take less than 5 minutes

By Zlati Meyer

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Northern California has seen more than 1 million acres burned in a rash of wildfires that have devastated the state this year.

Many people across the United States want to help those who’ve lost homes and businesses to the destructive blazes or who have had to be evacuated.

Scammers are out there too, so be careful. For example, the Cal Fire San Mateo-Santa Cruz unit recently warned against one such con.

Here are some legitimate ways to help:

    American Red Cross: The go-to organization for disaster relief is, of course, involved with the battered Californians. Find it here.

    Salvation Army: This international organization is also known for helping in dire situations such as this. Find it here.

    North Valley Community Foundation: This organization is local, in case you prefer to give that way, rather than to a large charity. Find it here.

    United Way of North California: If you’re looking to give money or your time, this group wants you. Find it here.

    Community Foundation Santa Cruz County: The local foundation is accepting monetary donations, supplies contributions, and volunteers. Find it here.

    GoFundMe: The charity platform is collecting contributions itself. Find it here.

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