How to watch ‘Star Trek: Picard’ on CBS All Access for free during the coronavirus lockdown

By Michael Grothaus

If you’re looking for some new content to get you through another day of self-isolation, we’ve got some good news for you. CBS All Access is letting anyone watch the entire series of Star Trek: Picard between now and April 23 for free—even if you’re not a CBS All Access subscriber. None other than Sir Patrick Stewart made the announcement on his Instagram page.

The offer is available to anyone in the United States. Those who want to take part in it will still need to sign up for a CBS All Access account, which is free. However, if users enter the promo code “GIFT” during the sign-up process, they’ll get access to Star Trek: Picard without having to subscribe to the service.

Star Trek: Picard premiered earlier this year and has received positive fan and critical praise. The show follows the adventures of the best Star Trek captain (yeah, I said it) as he comes out of retirement to solve the mystery of a galaxy-wide threat.

Currently 9 of the 10 episodes of Picard season one have aired, with the season finale airing today. Now that you can watch the entire series for free, we can’t think of a better reason to travel to the stars while stuck in your house.

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