Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion Technologies


Basic Needs of Work Environment


Workplaces should create a conducive environment so that the employees can increase their productivity. Additionally, workers need to minimize unnecessary movements to reduce on the time wasted when moving from one place to another in the office.  


Liner Motions Systems


Linear motion systems move objects in a straight line. They have application in complex manufacturing processes and in the office like the use of adjustable security cameras, communication equipment and 24v actuators. Workplaces bring together people who are diverse. These people are expected to work together to achieve the objectives of the organization. Currently, designers have taken interest to ensure that employees are comfortable and operate in healthy environment. Modern designers include electronic devices and IT services to ensure that the environment that workers operate in is conducive. Linear motion technologies play a central role in automation of offices for maximum productivity.  


Linear Actuators


Linear actuators have a wide application in the workplace. They can lower, rise, or even fold different parts of an equipment which is adjustable. Linear systems use mainly Direct Current (DC) motors to adjust or move objects. The rotational motion is converted into linear motion which is integrated with the load. Different motors are used for different types of motions. Linear motion technology can is applied in security cameras, linear guides, sitting furniture, communication devices, data processing equipment and other areas that need Motion Detectors. Linear motion is useful in ensuring that an office is secure. Security access cameras installed in offices make use of linear motion to zoom objects for a clearer view.


Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |

Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |


The motors also move the camera forward or backward so that the image is captured well. The movements make the image appear much better when viewed the display so that the target is easily identified. This minimizes incidences of theft and improves security. The workers feel secure in such an environment and are likely to concentrate on their work rather that worry about their security.  


Linear Guide Systems


Linear guide systems make use of linear motion systems. They are used in guiding movable components. The system is made up of a steel guide, line rails and wheel to guide the object. The system converts rotational motion from the motor to a linear motion which allows for transportation of objects from one place of the office to another. Office staff are relieved of unnecessary movements as they move items from one point to another.  


Space Arrangement


Sitting equipment are designed using the technology to enable the workers be as much comfortable as possible. The adjustable furniture is connected to a controller unit where the office furniture can be lowered, raised, folded among other movements as the staff wish.  


Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |

Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |


Similarly, the technology facilitates meetings and other functions in an office. A TV and a projector in the board room can be improved by enabling them to be controlled from the comfort of the staff. Linear actuators can be used to open the units from the cupboard and lock when the presentation is over. Linear motion can also be used to hoist them to the stands in the levels that are comfortable to the viewers. The white board can be adjusted accordingly using this technology by sliding it up and down to the position that is suitable to the staff who wishes to write notes. The aim is to minimize staff movement during presentations and meetings while also ensuring comfort and efficiency of the employees.


Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |

Improving Office Workplace Productivity With Linear Motion technologies |


The technology is applicable in setting the right environment for an office to allow proper lighting and heating. Linear motion is used in raising and lowering the curtains to ensure that there is proper lighting. It can also be used to guide the movement of the fan to enable ventilation on the office. In the two cases, the system is controlled from a remote area where an operator simply sends commands to the devices instead of moving to the switch of each appliance. Demarcation of the office is done by connecting linear actuators to the doors so that they can only be opened from the inside as opposed to people moving in and out of a certain office. The workers can concentrate due to the minimized movements.  


Conclusion about Technology Arranging Work Environment


Conclusively, an office should ensure that the staff are working towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of the company. The workers are the most important resource that a firm should take care of since they are the ones who implement drive a company. A modern office should take advantage of linear motion technologies to ensure that the working environment is comfortable for the staff. Linear motion minimizes the movement of employees since they can remotely control the equipment. The technology is easy to use and does not require intensive training making it ideal for any office that wants maximum productivity from the workers. Employees who work in a comfortable environment are motivated to work hard. An organization that employs the technology is assured of high level of productivity. Hence, every company should embrace the linear motion technology to help the employees give their best.    


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August 6, 2016