In The Wake Of #MeToo, Davids Schwimmer And Arquette Urge #AskMoreOfHim


The #MeToo movement encouraged women to reveal the harassment they’ve endured at the hands of men. In response, a budding movement is encouraging men to stop being dirtbags. The twist is that this upstart was created by men—and famous ones at that.

David Arquette and David Schwimmer, two Hollywood dudes whose reputations thus far remain intact, are the ones behind the hashtag #AskMoreOfHim. Schwimmer, who has already dabbled in anti-sexual harassment work, and Arquette join a collection of other famous dudes–yes, Matt McGorry is involved–to boost support for sexual assault survivors.

As reported by The Wrap, the movement is an outgrowth of the Representation Project, an organization that promotes social equality. For years, the Representation Project has encouraged men to use the hashtag #AskHerMore on the red carpet at events like The Oscars to steer focus away from questions like the inevitable “Who are you wearing?” Perhaps because women like Debra Messing have proved recently that they don’t need any help dragging reporters who ask shitty questions at award shows, the Project has spun its original hashtag into #AskMoreOfHim.

It’s a broad statement, encouraging men (both powerful and otherwise) to be better allies in this revolutionary time. For any men needing specifics, the campaign website lists 10 ways they can support sexual assault survivors. If nothing else, it’s a gesture signaling to the women behind #TimesUp and #MeToo that some men understand that they also have a responsibility to spread awareness.


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