“Incredibles 2” Looks Incredibly Promising In This Sneak Peek

What: A new teaser for Incredibles 2.

Who: Pixar, writer/director Brad Bird, and returning cast members Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Why we care: Although Pixar dropped a teaser to the Incredibles sequel last November, it wasn’t nearly enough. The 50-second snippet showcased little beyond its logo, save for a hint of baby Jack-Jack’s powers. During Wednesday night’s Olympic games, the animation powerhouse premiered a comparatively showy teaser for the forthcoming flick–and it looks incredibly promising. This new teaser nicely balances the same mix of superhero shenanigans and parenting minutia that made the first film so fun–and confirms the return of fan favorite Edna Mode. It’s enough to keep us occupied until Incredibles 2 arrives on June 15–or at least until the next trailer.




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