Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016




  • Introduction
  • Versatile Manufacturing
  • Internet Research
  • More Synchronized Advancement in Robotics
  • Visualization of these robotic systems
  • Linear Robot Systems Made Easy
  • More Automation
  • More Online Resources



In the present age, automation is a silently mandatory requirement for all companies in the world. This is especially the case when it comes to production and manufacturing. Automation is achieved through the use of robotic systems that employ microcontrollers in control timing of linear actuators. Robots are continuously becoming part and parcel of the normal industrial operations, taking centre stage in manufacture, production, and packaging of products, which ensure there is an increase in efficiency and safety. This article will delve into predicting the most likely trends that are to take course in the short future.


Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |

Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |



Versatile Manufacturing

With the increase in the utilization of robots, there is also the increased investment in their advancement. As a result, they are becoming more and more intelligent. Their design is now being revised and upgraded, so as to incorporate more systems that will help in making them be more precise and complete. This trend is likely to improve even more, so that these robots can perform virtually more like humans. There will be an increase in the amount of payload capabilities, with a subsequent larger footprint coverage and longer reach. The systems become versatile since their purposes can be regularly adjusted by reprogramming them. The number of axes of motion provided for the robots will rise to seven.

Internet Research

This has for long been a sector that has hugely depended on the feedback from sales representatives to ascertain the workability of the automated systems. The designers of these systems are gradually shifting their attentions to the internet for more information on what they deal in, so as to come up with even better designs and know the solutions to any matters arising. There is a particularly increased preference to online sources, such as YouTube, online articles and websites, than fellow human beings by these specialists while searching for solutions to any problems in these automated systems.


Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |

Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |



More Synchronized Advancement in Robotics

At the moment, robotic systems are working in virtually every space that humans do. They take instructions, process them and execute according to the command. From the conceptualization of the intended idea to the execution of the same, it is almost catastrophic to imagine the present industrial workplace without robots. These robots become even handier in environments where human beings cannot work in comfortably, or those that are too risky for man. Therefore, the trends indicate that there is likely to be even more robots that are stronger, safer and more efficient in their operations. They will also be able to offer more practical solutions to the problems posed. Visualization of these robotic systems As initially states, designers and engineers are shifting their attention and need for more skills towards the internet as their main source of solutions and creativity. Once they have gained the knowledge online, it is indeed likely that they would put it into practice, albeit not that fast. They would make these designs but try simulating them to make sure that they work according to the initial plan. They will therefore have to run them through 2D and 3D systems. This means that the availability of such systems will be on the upward trend, resulting in an increase in variety to provide these specialists with the most ideal options for their respective concepts.

Linear Robot Systems Made Easy

The present robotic systems will be made very easy to operate, by standardizing the gantry systems to make reconfiguration an easy process. Through the utilization of an online configuration system, it becomes very convenient to setup the system depending on the requirements, speed and payload needs dictated by the client.

More Automation

There will be more convenience brought about by the increased control of the client over the system, since it will be more customer-centered, with motor and programs suited for them. Due to the fact that there is increased focus on the needs of the client, these systems will also be designed with user-friendly interfaces to match up the goals.


Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |

Industry Trends and Predictions in Automation 2016 |



More Online Resources

There will be increased accessibility to resources, as well as increased number of resources dealing with robotic systems, that will be a goldmine for the engineers and designers. These online resources will help them to quickly come up with solutions to any emerging problem that might arise on the robotic systems. Presently, it is a little more bit tough to get the most ideal robotic system that suits all the customer needs. In the very near future however, this will be history, since work is being done to ensure that this is a possibility, by having a one stop shop for everything. This will be broad, and it won’t be biased to deal with just a particular manufacturer, rather, it will be more like a library that has all the tutorials, resources, case studies and whitepapers that deal with a client’s topic. As a result, the database will be able to provide the client with numerous options from his or her single requests. This will enable the client to acquire more information about the same, which will therefore bring about informed decision making when that time comes.


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