Is Mikme the GoPro of Microphones?

A microphone with only one button—another than usual.

July 24, 2015 

the secret to great video is audio. In an age the place your cameraphone shoots video that isn’t simply just right enough, however in fact beautiful great, the tinny, flat sound that accompanies most videos continues to be the starkest distinction between novice and pro. the place’s the GoPro or iPhone for audio?

smartly, it could be Mikme. Ignore any wholesome, knee-jerk skepticism round its crowdfunding. (even though no longer if you want to purchase one of the most first off the production line; the campaign ends after this weekend, having raised over a quarter-of-a-million dollars.) it can be a tool that targets to make high-quality audio a point-and-shoot afair. And with a workforce constructed from client audio veterans, there is a better-than-average likelihood they’ve pulled it off.

Mikme’s most blatant improvement? No wires. The $one hundred ninety battery-powered microphone streams compressed audio to a phone in very just about real time, the use of a proprietary protocol on prime of Bluetooth known as “lost & discovered” that purports to forestall packet loss—dropped audio, on this case—or syncing concerns. Or which you can simply hit the one button on prime to start recording straight away to the built-in storage. it can be obtained all the sync-y, cloudy features of a up to date device, too: add from the Mikme to Dropbox; move the recordings over to your computer for additional enhancing; it is even that you can think of to unify up to three Mikmes without delay to record an entire room.

any person who has shot videos within the field is aware of the hassle of dealing with sound. Lavalier microphones can be tucked underneath shirts, but most still use analog radios which might be susceptible to digital interference. (The interference from consumer Wi-Fi and cell phones has been a selected bugbear to audio experts, to not mention the struggle to share treasured wireless spectrum with competing technologies.) The Mikeme isn’t exactly unobtrusive—anyone would still have to hold it in entrance of themselves or put it on a mic stand—but given that it is principally just a excellent-sized condenser microphone and a battery in a box, it is no more awkward than any other handheld mic.

The expertise of use seems smartly considered. All bodily interactions happen with just that one button. (Even an automated “gain test” that samples the room and calibrates for most appropriate ranges. there may be additionally an app, naturally.) The housing is plastic, even supposing restrained and thought to be. (The mild bias of spacing in the side of the grill to point the front of the software is mainly nice, despite the fact that to be truthful, they also just put an emblem there.)

Mikme’s strongest suit might merely be there’s no “simply buy this one” product in the microphone market. If the company can convince the consumer world that adding prime quality audio to their existence isn’t a bother, they may be capable to reach a market that, previously, hasn’t been purchasing for microphones in the first situation.

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