It took more than 800 pieces of wood to make this dazzling break dancing stop-motion short

By KC Ifeanyi

While in COVID-19 lockdown, Buenos Aires-based filmmaker Fernando Livschitz wanted to use the time to try something different.

Livschitz, who heads up the production company Black Sheep Films, typically leans heavily into digital editing to create surreal scenarios such as floating buildings and flying roller coasters. But for his latest short film Lost in Motions, Livschitz collaborated with the artists collective Kijek/Adamski to tap into his tactile side.

“I usually work many hours in front of a computer, but this time I wanted to do something more manual and less digital,” Livschitz says.

Livschitz filmed a break-dancer, separated and numbered each frame, laser cut the images on wood, and positioned them piece by piece to create the final stop-motion video. In total, Lost in Motions used more than 800 pieces of wood and took around 20 days to complete.

Check out Lost in Motions below and watch it to the end to see behind-the-scenes footage of how Livschitz pulled it off.


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