Jaden Smith is helping this cruise line take a tiny little baby step toward protecting the planet

By Melissa Locker

Norwegian Cruise Line is taking a baby step toward a plastic-free planet. It has just announced the company is getting rid of single-use plastic bottles on its cruise lines and swapping them for Jaden Smith’s eco-friendlier JUST Water.

The change will go into effect on Norwegian cruise ships by January 1, a move it expects will save more than six million single-use plastic bottles each year, which is a boatload of plastic bottles (pun intended, obvs). The move comes after the cruise line got rid of single-use plastic straws in 2018, forcing passengers as well as visitors to its private islands and resorts to drink directly from the glass or use a straw substitute.

“The elimination of single-use plastic bottles across our fleet is just the latest environmentally responsible action we are taking to reduce our footprint and encourage others to protect our natural resources,” Andy Stuart, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line, said in a press release.

This move is one more step to help cruising evolve from a floating environmental calamity to a conscience-soothing eco-cruising experience. The plastic-reducing initiative falls under Norwegian’s Sail & Sustain Environmental Program, which is working to minimize waste to landfills, cut CO2 emissions, increase sustainable sourcing, and invest in emerging technologies. Plus, it just might help Norwegian earn more than a C- on Friends of the Earth’s annual Cruise Ship Report Card. Although, to be honest, when it comes to the cruise industry, a C- is pretty darn good.


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