Jordan Peele jokes that Kanye’s tweets just inspired “Get Out 2”

By Joe Berkowitz

April 25, 2018

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster of a day for fans of Kanye West. Roller-coasters usually start off low to the ground and then plunge straight down into the Earth’s core, yes?

Picking up where he left off over the weekend, the freewheeling artist began the day tweeting his second of three eventual references to “the sunken place,” a complicated racial metaphor invented by Jordan Peele for his Oscar-winning film, Get Out.

From there, things quickly escalated, with West tweeting about his love for Donald Trump and acknowledging that his opinion was not popular–as though he were just announcing that he was a fan of the Cleveland Browns in Cincinnati. Further tweets followed, including a light scolding from his wife, Kim Kardashian West, who later went on to defend him.

Whether the musician was tweeting with the sole purpose of getting attention, because he felt the need to express himself, or because he’s somehow involved in one of those ’80s body-switching movie situations, the MAGA-fueled tweetstorm eventually caught the attention of President Trump himself–who, it should be noted, was not sufficiently moved to tweet any support for Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw Jr.

So much for not seeking the approval of celebrities! The lone positive thing to come out of Kanye West’s wild day on Twitter is that Donald Trump wasn’t the only public figure to respond to West’s tweets. In the aftermath of the presidential back-and-forth, Jordan Peele quote-tweeted one of Kanye’s tweets mentioning the sunken place–and suggested the entire incident has inspired a Get Out sequel.

Obviously, he’s joking. And yet, the mind reels at the possibilities…