Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP nominee, so naturally, the ‘Nasty Woman’ meme is back

By Starr Rhett Rocque

Joe Biden’s campaign announced on Tuesday that Kamala Harris would be his VP pick.

Predictably, Donald Trump sputtered out his reaction via Twitter, referring to her as a “nasty woman.” And like that, it was 2016 all over again.

Back then, at the end of a debate with Hillary Clinton, the game-show-host candidate referred to his opponent as a “nasty woman,” which Clinton’s base turned into a badge of honor. Self-proclaimed “nasty women” ran with the phrase so much that it was soon emblazoned on shirts and accessories, and even Dictionary.com and Urban Dictionary added it to their collections.

The definition of “nasty woman” that is widely embraced is that of a self-empowered, confident woman. Harris is obviously a self-empowered, confident woman, so here we are in 2020 watching her experience the same trite, sexist insults that always get hurled at powerful women. But those words are being challenged once again, and there is a legion of nasty women ready to get back in the metaphorical ring.

The concept of the #NastyWoman will most certainly become another defining element of this year’s election. Pro-Harris voters are dusting off their shirts from 2016 and preparing for the fight ahead. Ultimately, it’s the votes that matter, but they have already begun tweeting their support of the #NastyWoman redux.

Here’s a sample of what they’re saying:

Kamala Harris as the new face of the #NastyWoman

Dusting off #NastyWoman merch

More nasty women are running for election

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