Landing a C-suite role or board seat just got easier with this high-level jobs platform

By Arianne Cohen

You’ve heard the statistics: Corporate boards and C-suites are awash in white men, with only 3% of corporate leadership roles held by Black executives. One reason is that top jobs, such as board seats or chief officer of anything, are rarely listed on job boards, meaning you won’t even know about the opening, let alone land the gig, unless you know the right people.

Enter AboveBoard, a recruiting and executive job listing platform launching today.

AboveBoard connects executives with open senior roles and board seats, while facilitating employers’ access to a diverse pool of qualified applicants. Over 350 open roles are currently listed, some from A-list employers like Warburg Pincus, Audax Group, Summit Partners, and Insight Partners. AboveBoard’s own board includes a diverse group of names from Harvard Business School, Uber, and Twitter.

Founder and CEO Lucinda Duncalfe says that many companies have not substantially improved executive diversity. “Companies cannot continue to use the same hiring methods and expect a different outcome,” Duncalfe says. “Executives should get hired based on what they know, not who they know. AboveBoard makes this possible.”

So far 1,000 applicants have signed up, half of whom are from underrepresented groups (including women). More than half are already C-suite executives. The platform is free to executives, and open to those with at least vice president-level experience.


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