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Lime expands scooter reservations to the US
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Lime expands scooter reservations to the US

Jon Fingas, @jonfingas

July 02, 2019
Lime expands scooter reservations to the US |

Scooter services have their share of issues, but Lime will at least make sure there’s a scooter to use in the first place. In the wake of a limited release in three countries, Lime has made scooter reservations available in the US ahead of an international rollout later in the week. If you know you’ll need a two-wheeler in the next 15 minutes, you can book one through the app instead of hoping that it’ll still be around when you’re ready to ride. You can still grab another scooter if it’s more convenient, of course — it’ll just release the scooter you’d reserved.

Do be prepared to pay, though. Lime notes that the rate to reserve a scooter is the same as the per-minute rate for riding, so it could cost you a tidy sum if you’re determined to finish your moccaccino before setting off. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. It could discourage people from tying up scooters they’re not sure they’re going to use — you should still have a chance at grabbing a vehicle right away.

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