Live COVID-19 economy tracker reveals timeline of cases and unemployment in each state

 By Arianne Cohen

A new set of helpful charts shows you exactly how your state is faring when it comes to COVID-19 cases and unemployment, which you can parse by variables such as age and region.

The graphs are deceptively simple, which is a good thing: Simplicity comes when someone else has drudged through all the complications. In this case, the good people at creative agency Savvy Apps have done the work for you. Four main graphs track unemployment rates, first-week unemployment claims, COVID-19 cases, and a time-lapse of cases per 100,000, which you can see by state and compare to other states. Make sure to tinker with the settings on the left, and run comparisons.

The graphs are useful for discerning how your state or demographic is doing compared to others. Keep in mind two details: Testing rates vary widely by region, so states that appear to have small outbreaks may simply have low testing. Also, keep your eye on the case-number graphs for the next six weeks or so, as states with recently lifted stay-at-home orders will likely experience sharp spikes in cases.


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