MailChimp’s email automations are now free to everyone

The email service provider is announcing that its triggered emails — previously only for paid users — are now available at no cost.

MailChimp’s email automations are now free to everyone

Email marketing service MailChimp is now putting a very low price tag on its triggered email features.

Really low, as in zero.

The email automations had previously been available only in the company’s enterprise edition for paying customers. But today, MailChimp is announcing that all 15 million users of the free version of the platform can also create targeted emails triggered, for instance, by such events as a subscriber’s birthday or the onboarding of a new customer.

The automations include a series of emails that automatically welcome new subscribers, send AI-recommended products when a shopping cart is left with abandoned items, try to re-engage lapsed customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, or confirm orders. Users can also customize triggers and responding emails.

John Foreman, VP of product management, told me via email that “if users want to send beautifully branded receipts and shipping notifications to their customers with additional product marketing in them, that’s free.”

He added:

No one is offering this breadth of functionality to this many businesses at this (non-existent) price point. Few even have these features at all, even for paid users.

Why is MailChimp taking this step?

Foreman said that offering free automations to all users “allows them to build their brand and sell more stuff, which helps us attract and retain more customers, ultimately helping MailChimp grow.”

In January, MailChimp added the ability to create Facebook ad campaigns from its platform, which the Atlanta-based company said was a step toward it becoming a “holistic marketing platform.”


[Article on MarTech Today.]


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