Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 5 Beginner Tips for Success

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 5 Beginner Tips for Success

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle offers a vibrant mash-up of the Mushroom Kingdom’s familiar faces and landmarks with the zany antics of the Rabbids. But beneath the colorful veneer is a tactical depth that will push you to assess your strategy from top to bottom to push your team of Mario (and sort of Mario) all-stars to victory over enemy Rabbids. We’ve put together five tips that should help you along the way.

Take Time to Explore
You won’t always be fighting in Kingdom Battle. Between confrontations, you can explore the surrounding landscape for coins, chests (containing orbs, unlockables, and weapons), and hidden areas that often contain more coins and more weapons – along with an occasional secret cannon that will shoot you over to a puzzle area. The more weapons you have available for purchase, the better your chances are of specializing for difficult fights.

Don’t Buy Every Weapon Right Away
With all of the cool weapons available to your team, you might be tempted to buy each of them as soon as you find them, but don’t. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gives you every opportunity to prepare for a fight. When you enter the battlefield, you’ll have an opportunity to scout the landscape and see what kind of enemies you’re going to face. Take notes, head back into the Battle HQ menu, and see if you have any weapons that offer damage bonuses for those specific enemies. That way, you can buy a weapon you know will be immediately useful, and you might have enough coins left over to buy similarly useful weapons for your party members.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 5 Beginner Tips for Success |

Re-Spec Often
Mario + Rabbids offers a skill tree for each of your intrepid heroes, opening up new offensive and defensive capabilities that can be purchased with orbs. Much like our advice for weapons, your scouting time at the beginning of a fight should be spent understanding which abilities would be most valuable based on the enemies and terrain you see. For example, if it’s a battle where you simply need to get to the end, then you might want to reset Luigi’s skills, put points into his Itchy Feet movement bonus, and use it on your group immediately to get an edge.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lose
Sometimes, you won’t really know what you need in a particular fight until you give it a go, and while you might win, a loss presents a valuable learning opportunity to see what you’re having trouble with. Taking too much damage? Maybe throw some points into shield abilities and reducing cooldowns, or put Rabbid Peach on your squad and boost her healing skill. In some cases, unlocking the sentry ability (the secondary attack for characters such as Rabbid Peach and Luigi) is actually a great defensive move, since your sentries often draw enemy fire, giving teammates time to find cover and regroup.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 5 Beginner Tips for Success |

On the offense side of things, if taking Rabbids down faster is the solution, scan the Battle HQ weapons shop for weapons that do high damage and carry perks like bounce that can push enemies out of bounds for a damage bonus. Look for opportunities to dash attack enemies on every move. Also, be sure to unlock Mario’s damage bonus skill to give everyone on your team a chance to dish out some extra punishment.

Stay Healthy
Upon completing battles in individual sections of a world (like 1-2, or 1-3), keep in mind that your heroes won’t regain their health between fights (unless you use Easy Mode, more on that below). You might occasionally come across a mushroom that can restore some HP by exploring the area, but if one of those isn’t available and you’re low on health, we recommend switching out a beleaguered squad member for one with more health. Alternatively, you can start the next battle cautiously, taking time to heal up with Rabbid Peach before charging into the fray. Find areas where you know your team members can find additional safety behind cover (elevated ground is always a good idea). Activate abilities like Hero Sight (Mario) and Steely Stare (Luigi) that cause them to fire automatically from the safety of cover at enemies on the move.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 5 Beginner Tips for Success |

Bonus Tip: Easy Mode
If you’re having a little too much trouble, don’t forget you can turn on the Easy Mode before a battle. This will restore your team’s HP and give them 50% extra health. But then you might lose some respect in the eyes of your friends.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle launches August 29 for Nintendo Switch. For more, check out our previous Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle coverage.

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