Marketo publishes winter release notes, plans for better integration capabilities in 2020

Components including the Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn integrations will be updated to improve data efficiencies.

Marketo publishes winter release notes, plans for better integration capabilities in 2020 |

Marketo has published its January 2020 release notes for its Marketo Engage Adobe application. The release is scheduled for Friday, January 17 at 6 PM PT.

Key updates will be rolling out across the core Marketo Engage Adobe Application and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tools. The planned update includes enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics integration that will allow for real-time syncing of leads and contacts between Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics, LinkedIn lead-generation forms with additional field mapping and multi-instance management capabilities.

Core Marketo Engage Adobe Application

  • Adobe Experience Manager Asset SelectorQuickly assets that align with your brand with AEM assets available directly in Marketo Engage. Note: While this feature is available in both our Marketo Sky and classic experiences, the administrative capabilities can be found in our Classic experience. You must be a customer of AEM Assets and have version 6.5 or higher.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Sync Lead to CRM in Real Time: Real-time syncing of leads and contacts between Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics. Create leads or contacts and see them in Microsoft Dynamics immediately with the “Sync Person to Microsoft” flow action.
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Additional Field Mapping: Capture as much data as possible about a lead from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to create more relevant experiences for both sales and marketing touchpoints. Pull in hidden fields, consent fields, and the test leads field into Marketo Engage.
  • Email Template Dependencies API: Get a list of assets that depend on an email template to understand scope of potential changes and address dependencies to templates can be altered and deleted faster.
  • Multi-Instance Management Enhancements: Navigate to the instance you need quickly with a scrollable and alphabetical dropdown menu of your subscriptions.

Why we care

The changes should help sales and marketing users improve their management of customer and prospect data between Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo Engage. Additional LinkedIn field mapping should help users build more robust customer profiles and identify better prospects.

Marketo’s latest ABM solution, New Account Discovery, will also be launching in beta. The solution is designed to help sales users discover net-new targets using Adobe’s AI-driven customer profile model.

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