May snowstorm: 4 ways to track the Northeast’s freakish ‘winter’ weather weekend

By Christopher Zara

A global pandemic wasn’t enough, so Mother Nature decided to tack on a spring snowstorm for good measure.

The Northeast is bracing for a blast of freakish wintry weather this Mother’s Day weekend, with record-breaking cold temperatures, an unruly storm, and even snow. Massachusetts could see up to two inches of the stuff, The New York Times reports. Although New York City will likely only see rain, it will be very windy and cold, with temperatures dipping into the 30s.

The last time New York City got that chilly in May, Jimmy Carter was in the White House, and American moviegoers were falling in love with the comedy stylings of Cheech and Chong. Now we have Trump and no movies at all, but I digress.

The wintry fun is expected to begin Friday in the Northeast, the National Weather Service predicts, and the cold weather may be felt as far south as Alabama and Mississippi on Saturday. You may thank our old friend the polar vortex for this most unfortunate turn of events.

In case you’re looking for a way to track the storm in real time, I’ve rounded up a few good resources below:

    NOAA’s Doppler radar page

    AccuWeather Northeast live radar

    CNN storm tracker

    Weather Channel severe weather maps

And if live feeds are more your thing, you can also watch the storm wreak havoc from the comfort of your sofa:

    Times Square live cam

    Other New York live cams

     Western Massachusetts live cams
May snowstorm: 4 ways to track the Northeast’s freakish ‘winter’ weather weekend |
[Image via National Weather Service]

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