Microsoft Dynamics 365 adds predictive lead scoring from Versium to its B2B CRM

The new service, the companies said, is the first automated predictive scoring service for Dynamics that utilizes both business and consumer data.

Versium's visualization of a combined business and consumer predictive profile.

Versium’s visualization of a combined business and consumer predictive profile.

Last month, Microsoft boosted its Dynamics 365 customer relationship management (CRM) system through a new alliance with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.

This week, Microsoft and predictive analytics firm Versium are announcing a new integration that boosts the CRM’s ability to highlight which individuals and businesses are most likely to become customers.

The Versium Predict integration enables Dynamics 365 for Sales to automatically — via a “single button push,” according to founder and CEO Chris Matty — generate a list of leads that can be marketed via email, mail, or online advertising. He added that this is the first automated predictive analytics service for Dynamics with machine learning that utilizes both business and consumer data.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is one of five enterprise edition versions of Dynamics. The others are for Operations, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation.

A key differentiator from other predictive services, Matty said, is that Versium utilizes data from its LifeData resource, which includes licensed third-party data, public records like census info, and info assembled by Versium’s own crawlers from social networks, weather records, and other sources. Here’s a screen from the Dynamics/Versium integration:


Matty said that this combination of business and consumer data allows his company’s predictive scoring to understand that a VP of marketing is also a soccer mom, enriching a business profile with a consumer one as it looks for the most likely business leads. The company reports that its system can increase conversions by as much as two or three times, compared to a CRM without predictive scoring.


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