Microsoft got a guy named Mac Book to endorse its Surface laptop

By Jeff Beer

Personal technology has become so advanced that deciding between competing products now comes down to this. Not tech specs, or screen resolution, or processing speeds, or even design aesthetics. Forget it.

To really get your attention, the future is name gags.

Yep, Microsoft tracked down a guy named Mackenzie “Mac” Book to endorse its Surface laptop. Despite owning more than 80% of the laptop OS market, Microsoft knows it’s fighting against Apple’s cool image industrial complex, aiming its pitch here straight at both potential MacBook and iPad users.

It’s a fun gag, but the advertising name game is nothing new. In 2017, when Taco Bell was getting ready to roll out a new breakfast menu, it recruited an entire team of guys all named Ronald McDonald to endorse it.

Even further back is this 1970s Subaru ad that found drivers with last names matching the brand’s competitors.



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