Moviemakers Tap Drones For Aerial Filming

Moviemakers Tap Drones For Aerial Filming

by , August 20, 2018

Aside from being used by consumers, drones are increasingly being tapped for commercial use, most notably in the making of movies.

Moviemakers Tap Drones For Aerial Filming |

Following several years of lobbying by the Motion Picture Association of America, film companies in the U.S. have been granted FAA permission to use drones for filmmaking.

A new research report on commercial drones by Tractica estimates the worldwide revenue of commercial drone services will grow from $338 million last year to $22.7 billion by the end of 2026. Cumulative revenue over 10 years is projected to reach $62 billion.

In using drones rather than helicopters for aerial filming, the film industry is looking at huge cost savings, according to Tractica. “The size of a small drone and stability of the camera gimbals permit directors to capture shots that were previously impossible,” states the report.

The report identifies a number of commercial use cases for drones, including creating 2D and 360-degree views with high-resolution cameras at various speeds, heights and angles and using drones carrying stabilized professional cameras to enable high-definition and 3D filming of documentaries.

Drones also offer broadcasters a new option for live coverage of sports, natural disasters and hazardous areas of interest, according to the report.
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