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This isn’t even late capitalism’s final type.

Yesterday was a long day on media-acquisition Twitter but i believe we will do it in a single paragraph. prepared? good enough: charter Communications bought Time-Warner Cable for lol billion dollars. It’s laborious to peer how Time-Warner might get any worse, but hackers replied positively to the attainable enlargement of constitution’s vulnerable purchaser base while admitting they have been still busy sorting through the private data of one hundred,000 US taxpayers they simply got from the IRS. Vox acquired Re/Code and the deal used to be explainered, giffed, conferenced, and Timesed but in some way may just simplest quantity to Comcast acquiring itself. Buzzfeed tech got tech journalism’s most-frequently-poached player Nitasha Tiku, amongst others. Mat Honan also got a laser drone lab for spying on humanity’s mortal enemies, the crows. Racked got former Wadhwa-botherer Meredith Haggerty. Ex-Buzzfeeder Kate Nocera got that sick PR cash. The FBI acquired several corrupt FIFA officials and is at present retaining them with out Gatorade or orange slices. And ultimately, the continues to be of probably the most first dotcom increase’s buzziest and most inflated tech IPOs was received through a t-shirt kiosk at the mall.

Fish-faced fool and lodge promoting circular employee Michael Wolff is regularly now not worth paying any consideration to, so when he used his column to lubricate the perineum of considered one of his rich patrons on Monday, I left out it. but Pareene responding to a Wolff column is at all times a solid wager. speaking of which, Wolff took the Vox/Recode deal as a possibility to remind us that everything he expected for the ultimate 18 months of on-line media used to be fallacious.

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Cyber mud nonetheless exists i guess? “I disagree with the dangerous candidates’ worldviews.” giant feature on Stewart in this month’s CANADIAN BOSS journal which is a real thing that exists in print. Neal Stephenson’s new novel Sevenses was once it sounds as if inspired by using The awl’s “The Fucking Moon” tag, so it’s atypical that he ends it with the aid of saving humanity. Plant geneticists roll sixteen to sidestep CLAVATA and solid WUSCHEL with +three charisma, creating monumental fruit and feeding the whole birthday celebration for the subsequent four turns.

I might not be CANADIAN BOSS but I positive boss one hell of a Canadian intern! Karen, what’s happening in the slightly-less-frozen North?

nowadays’S INTERN TAB, through KAREN HO

for many years now, there has been a fashion battle each spring. I’m not talking about a struggle on catwalks, between models or model designers, or even the combat to get corporations to recognize what number of ladies would favor a excellent-having a look swimsuit to be had in sizes beyond 12 or 14. I’m speaking about teen girls and college dress codes. whether or not it’s spaghetti straps, short skirts, low-minimize tops, ripped denims, or this year’s hot item, the crop high, schools across Canada are giving young women detentions, suspensions and even sending them house for clothing they deemed “inappropriate” and a “sexual distraction.”

“We’re looking to teach them find out how to be ready for lifestyles after they graduate high school, be it college or most likely a job,” Suanne Stein Day, of the Lester B. Pearson college Board informed CTV news.

at the Ottawa Citizen, Alheli Picazo summarizes how this kind of pondering unfairly punishes younger ladies and puts the onus of responsibility on them for how male students might act. Picazo bluntly points out that all of this is an example of rape-tradition. One most important actually instructed his college students to “dress cool, now not skanky.”

This is a matter that is affecting young women in faculties world wide, no longer just Canada. And Picazo acknowledges the prospect of sooner or later retaining women and men to equal requirements can really feel like a frightening task. however she highlights a technique this may also be done: “so much development may also be made with the aid of making clear these two simple truths: there may be more to a man than his sexual want; more to a woman than a moment’s apparel.”

That’s a catchy anti-rape-tradition rhyme, and crop tops appear bad on everybody, just my ideas.

these days in Trailers: Jason Siegel as literary dadbod pioneer David Foster Wallace in “the end of the Tour

now not-Keanu Reeves and no longer-Patrick Swayze in what is going to be a ridiculous remake of ridiculous motion-sports activities-crime basic “point destroy

as of late’s music: No Age, “Depletion

~I take into account that Rochelle ain’t wanna tab me with the polo, Ay bitch you missed out, hashtag #FOMO~

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