Nendo’s New Table Underlines Interesting Architecture Without Obscuring It

The Border Table can also be bent to fit around all the awkward nooks and crannies in a space.

Furniture usually obscures the geometry of a space. For their latest collection, Nendo wanted to design some side tables that actually enhance it. The result is the Border Table, the latest experiment in wire frame from the Japanese design firm, which exists to solidly outline the corners and intersections of a room, while also giving you a place to balance a plant or a cup of coffee.

Presented as part of a solo show at the Eye of Gyre Gallery in Tokyo, the Border Table isn’t much more than a square metal rod with a small disc welded to it. What makes it interesting is how this rod is bent. Depending on how it is positioned or bent, the Border Table can function as a free-standing table in the middle of the room, a side table near a corner, or even be positioned around a column as a series of shelves.

According to Nendo, the Border Table was actually designed to be placed around areas of a room that are traditionally awkward for furniture to fit, like near columns, in corners, or near stairs. But, of course, the added perk of this design is it serves almost as a double-underline under the interesting and sometimes idiosyncratic geometry of any space. Better a table than a Magic Marker, right?

[All Photos (unless otherwise noted): Hiroshi Iwasaki via Nendo]

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