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Netflix is turning Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’ into a series
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Netflix is turning Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’ into a series

Mariella Moon, @mariella_moon

May 17, 2019

Netflix is turning Mark Millar's 'The Magic Order' into a series |


Netflix is creating a TV series based on Mark Millar’s The Magic Order and has tapped James Wan, the director behind Aquaman and Furious 7, to direct its pilot episode. The Magic Order is the first comic book title the streaming giant published shortly after it acquired Millar’s comics publishing house Millarworld. It revolves around five families who live seemingly ordinary lives by day but who turn out to be sorcerers, magicians and wizards sworn to protect our world. In the story, they battle an enemy who’s hunting and picking them off one by one.

Wan will also serve as executive producer for the series, along with showrunner Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess is a Loser). Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date and the number of episodes it ordered, so we’ll definitely hear more about the project in the future. The Magic Order comics was illustrated by Marvel artist Olivier Coipel whose previous work includes The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Thor and X-Men. Netflix says the first issue of the title became the highest-selling new comic book launch in nearly 20 years. The company has also just released its graphic novel, which contains all its six issues.

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