New Survey finds: businesses Will change To USPS as a result of FedEx and united states of americaPrice will increase [Infographic]

February 12, 2015

With FedEx and UPS’s dimensional weight pricing now in effect for all floor shipments, many companies are confronted with having to rethink their shipping service and method of packaging.

To refresh your memory, dimensional weight pricing bases transport costs on the volume of a bundle when it comes to its weight. It’s calculated through multiplying the size, width and height of a package deal, and then dividing the result via a dimensional issue (usaand FedEx use 166 for home shipments). This quantity is compared to the real weight of the package deal, and the higher of the 2 is used to decide the bottom charge of the shipment.

in consequence, delivery massive, light-weight merchandise, like a backpack or purse, may cost considerably more than it did in 2014.

Endicia just lately surveyed over seven hundred businesses to understand how they feel about the FedEx and usadimensional weight pricing. We printed our survey outcomes on our blog along with the infographic supplied below.

here are our main survey findings:

Twenty-eight percent of on-line companies hadn’t heard of dimensional weight pricing, this means that they most definitely gained’t notice its impact except they receive their FedEx and united statesinvoices in 2015.

moreover, 74 % of businesses disagree with dimensional weight pricing because they believe it’s pricey and unfair to businesses and shippers.

So what do businesses plan on doing now that they’re faced with these price hikes?

80% say they’ll use the U.S. Postal service for their better, light-weight applications.

The U.S. Postal carrier®, in contrast to FedEx and UPS, did not raise delivery prices in January 2015.  in fact, it lowered precedence Mail® charges, making it an reasonably priced choice for companies to ship heavier programs, as much as forty pounds. lastly, the Postal carrier does not observe dimensional weight pricing to applications as much as one cubic foot in size.

For more results from our survey, inspect the infographic under. And for more on dimensional weight pricing, read our up to date weblog publish on the topic right here.

Infographic- FedEx and UPS dimensional weight pricing Endicia survey results

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