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Nintendo Switch gets SNK’s arcade games this November
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Nintendo Switch gets SNK’s arcade games this November

Rachel England, @rachel_england

July 04, 2018
Nintendo Switch gets SNK's arcade games this November |

SNK is celebrating its 40th birthday with a triumphant return to the golden age of arcade games — with a modern twist. On November 13, the creator is launching a bevy of retro games for Nintendo Switch, including Alpha Mission, Ikari Warriors, Athena, Guerrilla War and Vanguard, among others. There’s more to be announced, too, although the titles already confirmed can be pre-ordered now as part of the Switch-exclusive pack.

Also part of its anniversary celebrations is the Neo Geo mini, a pocket-sized video game console boasting 40 vintage arcade titles that faithfully reproduce the Neo Geo arcade cabinet that was introduced in Japan in 1990. No word yet on the release date and title line up, but it’ll likely be this year, and it will certainly be old-school awesome.

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