Nvidia GTX 1070 Round-Up: Leaks, Price, Release Date

Nvidia GTX 1070 Round-Up: Leaks, Price, Release Date

Nvidia is constantly in news these days. And why not? The company has been getting a lot of media for its newly launched flagship GeForce GTX 1080. But that’s not the only graphics card that is popular right now, as the Nvidia GTX 1070 is following closely behind and is probably stirring up more excitement than its bigger brother. So let’s go through all the information that has leaked out about the GeForce GTX 1070 in the past few days.

galax gtx 1070 box packaging
GTX 1070 Retail Packaging

One of the first image leaks for the GTX 1070 came when a real life photo of the card’s retail packaging was leaked along with renders of its PCB. Of course, there’s only so much you can know from a single photo showing off the front part of the box and another image that is an unofficial render. But still, something’s better than nothing.

gtx 1070

The second leak was huge enough and came a couple of days back. Real images of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 leaked out in a considerably large number, showing off almost every angle of the much-awaited graphics card. In the same report, we told you that it is being speculated that the GTX 1070 will provide performance equal to the GTX 980Ti and might even beat the 980Ti in many aspects. The comparison chart is given below.

Moving on to the next leak, we showed you the leaked real image of Nvidia GTX 1070’s PCB earlier today. As we told you, we were surprised to know that the PCB of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 do not differ much. Nvidia skipped the water blocks and one VRM phase in the GTX 1070 and moved some small components in different positions to differentiate it from the 1080.

gtx 1070

However, the truth is that both the cards get the same PCB, and the GTX 1070 has got slightly lower specs so that another card can be added to the new lineup. But that’s not necessarily negative, as the GTX 1070 will come at a lesser price than the GTX 1080 and will still offer solid performance over the previous flagship cards of the company.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Price and Release Date

While the GTX 1080 is already now available for sale, the GTX 1070 will be released on 10th June. There’s no apparent reason why the two cards got separate release dates, but at least the wait isn’t too long. As for the price, the GTX 1070 price is set at $449 for the Founder’s Edition, while the regular version will cost $379.

So will you buy the GTX 1070? Comment below.

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