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Oculus Go comes to Europe and Canada
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Oculus Go comes to Europe and Canada

Katrina Filippidis, @kkatlas

June 26, 2018

Oculus Go comes to Europe and Canada |


Customers in Europe have been able to place Oculus Go pre-orders for a while now, and now the VR headset will be available in a lot more places. Oculus has officially opened online purchases and brought its device to over 300 physical stores across Europe, Canada and the UK. Additionally, those who pre-ordered the Oculus Go from third-party retailers should get their headsets very soon.

Oculus Go was first announced in October last year. In contrast to its predecessor, the Rift, Go made waves because it shed its PC shackles (required by both the Rift and HTC’s Vive) and didn’t force users to plug in smartphones as per the Samsung Gear VR. It also introduced a level of unprecedented simplicity for VR newbies, and with its tempting $200 price tag, Oculus’ could push forward with its plans for (virtual) world domination.

That’s Hugo Barra’s aim, anyway. The vice president of Facebook’s virtual reality team said the Go’s self-contained nature is an essential step on the road to make VR more appealing to mainstream audiences. The recent launch of Oculus TV, a more immersive way to watch your favorite shows, is another step in that direction.

Depending on which part of the world you hail from, Oculus Go will cost you £199/€219/$270 CAD.

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