Our favorite Twitter reactions from this year’s Emmy nominees

By Joe Berkowitz

When someone wins an Emmy, several very expensive cameras are always standing by to capture every facet of their instant reaction.

When someone is nominated for an Emmy, however, only the people in the nominee’s immediate vicinity are privy to that initial reaction. The rest of us have to wait until the winner carefully (or spontaneously) decides on just the right tweet, or entertainment reporters reach out for commentary—whichever comes first.

There are an infinite number of ways for writers and performers—or the social media managers behind the shows they work on—to react online to getting nominated for an Emmy. In the wake of today’s nominations announcement, here are Fast Company’s favorites:

Pure celebration

Everybody who earns a nomination is ostensibly excited about it, but these folks radiated their excitement most infectiously.

Classy understatement

This method is either reserved for when your show earns its first nominations after being on the air for five incredible seasons (Schitt’s Creek), when your show is the kind of important, consequential work where outright celebration might seem inappropriate (Surviving R. Kelly), or when you have just have that kind of personality (Hannah Gadsby).

Emotional and earnest

Joey King’s tearful reaction is nearly as satisfying as Ava Duvernay’s resurfacing of the tweet that inspired her to tackle the Central Park 5 with When They See Us, which is nominated for 16 Emmys.

True to the spirit of the show

There are the tweets that revel in their show’s distinctive styles, whether it’s PEN15’s adolescent awkwardness, Fleabag’s evocative fourth wall-breaking shots, the entitled nature of BoJack Horseman’s title character, or Megan Amram’s truly inspiring manic desire to win an Emmy.

Sandra Oh

And then there’s Sandra Oh, who is in her own category here. The double-nominated star thanked both her character on Killing Eve and a memorable role she inhabited during her stint hosting SNL in April.

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