PBS Kids and Zappos are launching a line of adorable autism-friend clothes

By Elizabeth Segran

April 11, 2018

For kids with autism or some other sensory sensitivity, the simple act of getting dressed in the morning can feel overwhelming. Things like buttons, zippers, and tags can lead to a meltdown. But most children’s clothing brands don’t consider these consumers when they are designing products, so many children who are on the spectrum need their parents to help them get dressed.

Today, PBS Kids announces that it has partnered with Zappos’s inclusive clothing division, Zappos Adaptive, on a collection of gender-neutral, reversible clothes that are designed to help kids with sensory needs dress themselves independently. But in addition to being functional, these clothes are super cute, featuring things that all kids love like dinosaurs, airplanes, jungle animals, and sea creatures. The clothes will be available in sizes from 18 months to 6 years old, and range from $26 to $32. Zappos says the clothes will soon be available for purchase.

The launch is timed with Autism Awareness Month. PBS Kids is also streaming episodes of beloved shows like Arthur, Dinosaur Train, and Sesame Street that include characters with autism.