People are tweeting #DeleteHQ after Peter Thiel’s fund was named as an investor

A mere day ago, HQ was the innocuous app that people flocked to twice a day to play trivia for money. Things have changed. Recode reports that HQ, which was founded by Vine alums, is raising a round of capital. The round is led by Founders Fund, the venture fund founded by Peter Thiel. 

Thiel, of course, is the PayPal cofounder who secretly bankrolled a successful campaign to bankrupt Gawker because of unfavorable coverage from years past.

HQ used to be the darling of the tech press–with everyone from Mashable to New York Magazine singing its praises, and the praises of its awkward host. With Thiel money entering its coffers, that’s no longer the case. Many writers who hailed from Gawker have pointed out this new investment. And a new hashtag has sprung to life: #DeleteHQ.

So now you have to weigh playing a fun trivia game against supporting an enemy of the free press. Choose wisely!


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