Read this list of the most regretted gifts before you buy anything on Black Friday

By Rina Raphael

Which brands are hailed the winners and losers after the holiday shopping season is over? Fashion resale website ThredUP gets a pretty good look at what consumers regret buying–or receiving underneath the Christmas tree. Every January, the online thrift shop receives roughly 250,000 new-with-tags items?–?60% more than during the rest of the year.

So before you hit up Black Friday sales this week, take a look at what regularly makes the toss bin:

    Victoria’s Secret: Talk of consumers tiring of the “male gaze” is just one issue plaguing the lingerie brand. Turns out its swimsuits are some of the most “regretted” purchases. ThredUP reports a 208% rise of swimwear sent unworn, with tags still attached.

    Lululemon: Perhaps when it comes to athleisure wear, simpler is better? Lululemon’s cutout shirts saw a 185% rise in listings.

    J.Crew: What was once a beloved brand worn by the First Lady has devolved into a struggling brand with revolving leadership. ThredUP’s listings demonstrate its falling popularity–a whopping 442% surge of new-with-tags J.Crew cardigans post-holiday.

    Christian Louboutin: Maybe those red soles are a little overhyped? There was a 106% increase of Christian Louboutin heels purged after the holidays. Second to that were Nike sneakers.

    Banana Republic: Their flirty holiday dresses might seem like perfect cocktail attire, but they are seemingly untouched. Listings of Banana Republic “ruffle dresses” soared by 225%.

So what are consumers willing to hang on to (or at the very least, wear once)? ThreadUP also analyzed the 2018 brands with the least amount of regret. These include items without tags attached, meaning they at some point saw the light of day.

    Everlane: The direct-to-consumer brand beloved for its transparent pricing was dubbed? the least regretted buy two years in a row. It was the No. 1 brand sent to ThredUP without tags attached.

    Gucci and Prada: These high-fashion brands are well worn and sought after.

    REI and L.L. Bean: ThredUP says giftees love eco brands with an emphasis on outdoor pursuits.

    UGG: The early-2000s trend is back in action. UGG Australia, known for its snuggly footwear,? made the top 10 list.

    Citizens of Humanity: Premium designer denim is alive and well in the resale market. On average, Citizens of Humanity jeans can cost near $150, but fans can get them closer to $30 on ThredUP.

For more information on the most and least regretted brands, real the full ThredUp report.


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