Reese’s doesn’t care what you think about its thin peanut butter cups

By Melissa Locker

Much the same way that fans will be forced to double up on Thin Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s is doubling down on the controversial new product. Thins are 40% thinner than your regular Reese’s, meaning you’re getting 40% less chocolate, less peanut butter, and sure, fewer calories–until you eat the entire bag in a fit of anxiety eating.

While fans across the internet balked at the attempted healthification of their junk food (like, who eats Reese’s while monitoring their calories?), the company is fully embracing the underlying cheekiness of its #NotSorry ad campaign, and it remains adamantly unapologetic about the product. It sent out a press release claiming it is “giving you what you want.” (Don’t blame the victims of this edible injustice, Reese’s!) The company’s senior brand director also sent out a statement, reminding would-be eaters that “you can have more than one. You’re welcome.”

Guess they’re feeling sassy for coming up with a way to charge customers the same amount of money for less product–unless they’re planning to charge 40% less.

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