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Roblox halts service in China ahead of a major revamp
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Roblox halts service in China ahead of a major revamp

The British Fashion Council gave an award for the best Roblox design

The metaverse will become *the* place to discover new creators, it says.

Steve Dent
S. Dent
November 29th, 2021
Roblox halts service in China ahead of a major revamp |

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has handed out an award in a brand new category called Metaverse Design created in collaboration with Roblox. Five Roblox creators were nominated, with the in-app clothing store cSapphire coming out the winner. 

The presentation of the award will play out inside a Roblox experience (from November 29th until December 7th 2021), with a virtual representation of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele (above) doing the honors. If you’re interested in watching, you’ll be able to do so inside a virtual Roblox recreation of Albert Hall — and even roleplay as a high-profile red carpet guest. 

Companies like Roblox have been doing a metaverse long before Facebook decided to jump in. With the award, the BFC has acknowledged that virtual spaces can be a fun way for both consumers and designers to explore fashion ideas. Roblox previously worked with Gucci on a collection, and we’ve seen labels like Moncler Louis Vuitton inside Fortnite and other games. 

It’s a fun addition to the show, but the BFC is taking it fairly seriously. The Metaverse judging panel includes some high-profile folks, including fashion model Karlie Kloss along with editors from fashion sites and magazines like W and Highsnobiety.

“By awarding the platform’s creators, we are recognizing the powerful global impact of digital fashion on communities around the world, its ability to create new trends in fashion, as well as the incredible opportunities it provides for talented young creators,” said BFC chief executive Caroline Rush in a statement. 

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