Shark Tank: evolved sports know-how Flops In Tank, stroll Away with out Deal

by way of Erica Abbott November 20, 2015

November 20, 2015

First into the tank is developed sports activities expertise, in search of $ a hundred and sixty,000 for 10 p.c. a new approach to play soccer, it utilizes “full contact” using human blow-up balls.

Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec are the primary to try it firsthand, and so they obviously have a blast.

within bubble soccer, he says there are one-time avid gamers, in addition to league performs who play more full time. they have got made over $ 355,000, projecting over $ 683,000.

although he didn’t create the nationwide affiliation, he manufactures the “human bubbles.” Lori Greiner finds it confusing, provided that there are two pursuits: occasions and leagues.

Kevin O’Leary does now not like that it is not neatly-defined and has no concept how one can become profitable on it, so goes out. Greiner finds it useful for situations, however goes out. Herjavec is perplexed about the industry adaptation as well so goes out.

John is impressed at how speedy it scaled however wonders how far more it might probably. He goes out. Cuban didn’t find his presentation effective so goes out.

He says he’s stunned everyone went out, to which the sharks response that they had been simply all doubtful.

last deal: None.

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