Shark Tank: Grip smooth, Industrial Hand cleaning soap That Fights dust With grime, will get Deal from Lori Greiner for $eighty five,000

by using Erica Abbott November thirteen, 2015

November thirteen, 2015


Up subsequent is Bryce Hudson of Grip clean seeking $ eighty five,000 for 20 percent fairness.

Hoping to “recv up” the sharks, Hudson enters complete with motocross bike and soiled fingers. the commercial soap product uses grime–sure, filth–to wash grease off arms.

Robert Herjavec gives it the hands-on remedy and says it really works very neatly. He cites Grease Monkey, a up to now invested product by way of him and Barbara Corcoran, and says shoppers didn’t “care sufficient” about the product.

He manufactures the product from his storage, which is an immense downside so far as manufacturing.

Herjavec goes out on account of his earlier experience with Grease Monkey, announcing perhaps he is aware of “an excessive amount of.”

Mark Cuban doesn’t see it as an organization but and goes out. Daymond John likes the product and thinks he will have to sell it on-line, but does not believe he needs an investor. He goes out.

Kevin O’Leary wonders about his manufacturing desires, which he is more than pleased to continue producing himself. That puzzles the sharks and he tells them manufacturers didn’t want the filth.

O’Leary goes out for its lack of substance. Greiner worries about the fact that nobody desires to fabricate it, however, likes that its pure. She offers $ eighty five,000 for 35 p.c, which he accepts.

last deal: Lori Greiner for $ eighty five,000 for 35 %.

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