Shark Tank: Trunkster, innovative luggage Product, Accepts take care of Mark Cuban And Lori Greiner $1.four Million

by Erica Abbott December 4, 2015

December four, 2015

last into the tank is Trunkster, zipperless luggage, seeking $ 1.4 million for five percent equity.

Their baggage permits simple get entry to with a roll-up door and USB ports for simple charging. the associated fee starts at $ 325 and they’ve raised over $ 1.5 million. they’ve pre-bought over $ 2 million value of bags.

Lori Greiner finds it a clever product and so they all renowned their gargantuan valuation. The sharks query whether or not they may be able to be extra flexible with their valuation, which they’re keen to be.

Barbara Corcoran is the one shark to be open about not liking the luggage for its masculinity, weight, laborious shell and absence of comments. She goes out.

Robert Herjavec offers 30 percent for the risk concerned, which O’Leary wants to companion on. Herjavec declines. O’Leary then deals 37 % as a substitute.

Greiner can see the expansion and expansion of the product but worries about dropping money. because of this she offers the $ 1.4 million to fund buy orders, along with 15 percent fairness. Mark Cuban is keen to associate with Greiner.

They counter again a royalty of $ 1 per unit until the money is paid back with the unique supply of $ 1.4 million for 5 %.

last deal: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for $ 1.4 million for 5 % with $ 1 royalty except the cash is back in full.

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