Sonic the Hedgehog’s makeover has already become a meme

By Joe Berkowitz

Even for Sonic the Hedgehog, that was pretty fast.

No sooner did Paramount roll out a trailer highlighting the Sega cinematic hero’s new and improved CGI this morning than the internet embraced it as meme fodder.

As some readers may recall, back in May the studio caved in to fan demand for a less creepy iteration of the loop-running coin seeker. Sonic purists had bristled at everything from the speedy hedgehog’s eyes (too small!) to his chompers (too human-like!)—and they were not quiet about it either.

Cut to six months later, and today’s trailer demonstrates what a difference a difference can make.

The new Sonic is so visually superior, it’s even inspiring conspiracy theories. Of course, what would 2019 be if such a stark disparity didn’t inspire some memes as well.

People are using it to comment on online shopping:

They’re also using it to comment on online dating:

It’s useful for sports analogies:

And even as a way to poke fun at the supposed existence of the long-rumored Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director’s cut:

Mainly, though, the Sonic glow-up seems to be a useful meme to plug into other memes:

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