Sonos is yanking its Facebook ads in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal

March 23, 2018


While some Facebook users have been busy tweeting #DeleteFacebook in the wake of the company’s data-privacy scandal this week, one business is taking matters into its own hands. Sonos today announced that it is pulling advertising from Facebook–as well as Google and Twitter–and donating the money it would have spent on it to the digital-rights conference RightsCon.

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal, like many recent headlines coming out of Silicon Valley, raises questions about whether Big Tech is doing enough to balance its own interests with one of its biggest responsibilities: Safeguarding your privacy,” says a Sonos blog post. The company hopes this sends a message to the platforms that they ought to take user privacy more seriously.

The post goes on: “We believe that our industry—and society as a whole—will be healthier if companies like Sonos and Facebook exist in an ecosystem that includes a vibrant activist community focused on advancing the social good.”

Perhaps others will follow suit, and a real boycott will ensue. Or perhaps people will continue saying they’re leaving Facebook for Instagram, while of course forgetting that the latter is owned by the former.

You can read Sonos’s full statement here.


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