Startup Unveils Multi-user VR experience with out specialized Hardware

Pantomime will license its tech to 3rd-birthday party app developers.

December 21, 2015

With few exceptions, there’s no means with nowadays’s digital fact methods to have a multi-consumer experience, particularly one who entails any more or less motion by way of a number of of the customers.

a new expertise from the California startup Pantomime is aiming to alter that.

Pantomime today unveiled its first app, a digital reality/augmented reality instrument that enables for immersive, networked play across a collection of Macs, iPads, and/or iPhones. the company says the app, often called trojan horse Farm, may also be on hand one day for Android, and ultimately will probably be to be had for Samsung’s equipment VR.

the company is touting its know-how as being the first networked VR/AR app that doesn’t require any roughly specialized hardware, like a VR headset. In a demo given to fast firm, trojan horse Farm worked seamlessly throughout six networked gadgets, with each and every considered one of them being able to keep watch over the action.

trojan horse Farm itself is a straightforward virtual playspace the place users can knock bugs around, throw them, or squash them. Any person is ready to operate any of those movements, which are then visible in real time on some other networked tool. on the related time, the devices themselves, and their movement, are visible on some other that’s tapped into the community. that suggests, the corporate says, that these telephones, capsules, and computer systems successfully grow to be each first-particular person shows and sport paddles.

For now, the device works best over Wi-Fi networks, with the entire action being hosted on one of the crucial networked computers operating the instrument. but Pantomime founder David Levitt, who has worked with virtual fact expertise for many years, says the plan is to ultimately extend the machine to work over the web, with the motion being hosted in the cloud.

at the same time, trojan horse Farm is simply the demo of Pantomime’s system. Levitt says the corporate’s plan is to license the expertise to developers, who can then contain it into their own apps.

“I used to be blown away with the aid of Pantomime,” says Alok Kejriwal, CEO of on-line sport firm Games2Win. “it is just the roughly out-of-this-world experience we are looking to enforce in our casual, snacky games.”

Pantomime’s know-how takes advantage of the various sensors built into computer systems and, especially, cellphones and tablets, that can straight away interpret the instrument’s motion in 360 degrees, and translate that movement into on-screen motion. by means of touching the reveal on either an iPhone or iPad, malicious program Farm avid gamers can simulate one hand or two fingers attaining into the virtual world. Pantomime argues that while evolved VR programs just like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or psVR have touch controllers that carry users’ arms into the virtual space, this component of its device sidesteps the dearth of such controllers for techniques like the tools VR.

On a Wi-Fi network, as a minimum, worm Farm is an excellent demo of Pantomime’s expertise. The machine recognizes any motion of any networked tool, whether or not it is flipped upside down, spun around, laid flat, and so forth, and this sort of motion captures the viewpoint of the instrument in movement, which is then visible to some other on the network. that implies that 1/3-birthday celebration developers will have a wide range of choices for incorporating the know-how into their own multi-user functions.

Pantomime’s multi-user VR is in no way the one manner more than one users can have interaction in virtual reality. Samsung, as an example, has an app that permits users to watch movies, like Netflix content, together on the tools VR. And a well-liked Oculus Rift demo, often called Toybox, is a two-person expertise. but Pantomime believes its device is the primary to permit the networking of various units with none kind of devoted VR platform.

How 1/3-party builders will use the device is unknown at this level, but it surely has quite a lot of promise, particularly as soon as the expertise is available for the gear VR and other VR hardware.

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[photography: courtesy of Pantomome organisation]

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