Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates, today is a great day to help teachers get school supplies

By Melissa Locker

August 22, 2018

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wants to make Back to School season a little easier for classrooms across the country.

Bill Gates tweeted this morning that their foundation will give donations to DonorsChoose “a boost,” making those dollars go even further. (A “boost” seems to be $1 for every $2 donation.) While every teacher should have all the supplies that they need to fill their classrooms, we live in a country that simply doesn’t prioritize equal access to quality education.

That’s where DonorsChoose comes in: Through the crowdfunding website, people around the country and/or globe can help a teacher get the supplies they need for their classes from textbooks to computers to carpeting, art supplies, and everything in between.

Admittedly, it’s sad that such a website exists in one of the richest countries in the world—with a Secretary of Education who is a billionaire—but we’re glad it does. If you can spare a dime or a dollar, find a project here to help make this school year a little better.