The fallout from NYT’s Ryan Adams exposé has already arrived

By Joe Berkowitz

Late on Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times published a damning report about Ryan Adams, detailing a pattern of disturbing behavior toward women, including emotional abuse and sexual misconduct. (Adams has since apologized, unconvincingly, while disputing some facts of the story.)

Less than 48 hours after publication of the piece, the veteran singer-songwriter is already facing some very serious consequences.

First came the news that the FBI will be investigating the most legally alarming part of the report, that Adams engaged in inappropriate sexual texts and Skype sessions with an underage female fan. Now it appears that Adams’s forthcoming album, the first of a conceived trilogy and originally set for an April 2019 release, has been canceled. (Both iTunes and Apple Music have scrubbed listings for it, and NYT cites announcements from record-store chains like Bull Moose and SRCVinyl saying that the album is no longer scheduled for release.

As if an FBI investigation and a scrapped album release weren’t enough, further accusations may be on the way, if the Instagram post below from supermodel and musician Karen Elson is any indication.



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